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Summa is one battlefield in Karelian Isthmus 1939-1940 There is also Lauri’s certificate for that medal and original cockade (blue and white rondel) and his military service book.” “A similar puukko knife with some old photos.In the lower photo both my grandfathers are in the same picture (but they did not know each other at that time) in East Karelia about 1942-43.In Finland we have a tradition that every man buys a knife (mostly puukko-knife) when he goes into military service. Also Finnish military ordered similar knives from Germany, mostly from Solingen area.We have a conscript service, and about 80% of young men (and voluntary women) do their 6-12 months conscript service. In Finnish some call dress knives by the name ‘puukkopistin’ (puukko-bayonet).Knife making is a dear hobby to me, but who knows if one day I could make my living out of it?My other hobbies are motorcycling, skiing and of course trekking and wandering in nature.I always try to make the next puukko or knife better than the one before.

In this photo is my grandfather Lauri Tuominen’s Winter War medal with SUMMA badge.

That’s why there is such a small number of official military knives in the independent Finland military history.” Civil Guard puukko-knife m/27 Official dress knife for the Finnish Civil Guard (1918-1944). This name is funny, because that knife is not either a puukko or a bayonet.

m/27 is designed in 1927 and it became official in 1928. In the photo from right to left Hackman made dress knife with file work in the handle and leather porte-epee, and another Hackman made dress knife with plain handle. All knives come with steel sheath, like in the photo.

With this knowledge I started to make my first puukko.

It was clear to me from the very beginning that I would make the blade myself too, otherwise it would not be a self-made puukko. My first puukko isn’t really a beauty but it gave me the spark for knife making.

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