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The list of candidates will be cut to 20 and placed on a national ballot. The Wooden Award All-American team will be announced around the time that the regional finals in the NCAA tournament are played. 99-123 of the Public Acts, after publication in the Connecticut Law Journal on October 10, 2000, of the notice of the proposal to amend such regulations, and the holding of an advertised public hearing on the 15th day of November, 2000. Approved by the Attorney General as to legal sufficiently in accordance with Sec.Wherefore, the foregoing regulations are hereby amended as hereinabove stated, effective when filed with the Secretary of State. 4-169, as amended, Connecticut General Statutes: May 21, 2001.The Administrator shall consider an individual's previous wage level in determining the suitability of work offered.

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All employers, whether or not subject to the act, shall submit the following reports, forms, notices and information packets, in such medium as is authorized by the administrator, at the time and under the conditions specified: Statement of purpose: To amend the claim filing procedures to provide for the filing of initial and continuing claims by telephone; to require employers to provide an employee information packet along with the unemployment notice; to amend the definition of good cause for the late filing of an initial or continuing claim.Approved by the Legislative Regulation Review Committee in accordance with Sec.4-170, as amended, of the General Statutes: September 5, 2001.The Administrator shall afford an individual a reasonable period of time within which to obtain employment at his highest wage and skill level.Where an individual has refused an offer of referral to work which is significantly below his highest wage or skill level before such reasonable period of time has lapsed, the Administrator shall find such work to be unsuitable for the individual.

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    And the fund to clear out the contamination can't keep up. Pollution left behind by an old dry cleaner that closed up shop 40 years ago chased her from her home in Durham."I found out the house, the indoor air, the soil were all contaminated," Drey said.