Dating an aries men

That's very true (nothing sexier actually, and a pretty sneaky approach.. BUT, to state the obvious, it only works if we at least half way want you. Ok I understand that, but I never showed any signs of being clingy.

If we don't, then sure it makes you a much more attractive conquest, but the rest of the package still has to be worth the sacrifices if it's going to turn into a relationship. If he felt that way then I am sure he would of told me straight out.

He pursued me on Facebook, we exchanged numbers, and two weeks later hung out.

He is very attractive, successful, and always out and about with his male friends (Let me add that he is 29 and I am 20).

Now, that's all well and good but eventually the woman starts to expect more.

The things i hate would include how romantic she can be and how much she wants to discuss and improve the relationship constantly.

Like your guy, I loathe long phone calls and we would be on the phone for hours every night if she had her way. I don't know much about astrology but libra women in my experience are nearly always very attractive, very sexy, and an ass-ton of work to keep happy.

But you never know.)He said I didn't think it was just that, but if that's how you feel.

Are you telling me you don't want to be my friend anymore?

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