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Channel 4 are set to push the boundaries of what viewers can swallow with a brand new dating show featuring naked contestants.

The creators of Gogglebox and Tattoo Fixers are developing a risqué new show titled Naked Attraction which promises to be ‘like Blind Date, but with a serious twist.’ ‘The show has begun filming and it’s pretty full-on,’ the Daily Star reports.

Get it right, and she’ll be dying to get to know you better.

Psychologists reckon that body language accounts for more than half of our interpersonal communication, and flirting must be the ultimate example of actions speaking louder than words.

‘There will be a psychologist describing what people look like to the contestant…

Round two sees the contestants put their clothes on, and then dress sense is described…

In round one eight men or women will start naked in a see-through box,’ he previously told The Mirror – seemingly unaware of America’s successful VH1 show Dating Naked.In the final round the contestants give the contestant an opportunity to find out what their personalities are like,’ he explained. It is all about the science of attraction,’ he continued – adding he will strip for the show himself.If YOU feel like taking part, it appears the producers are on a desperate hunt for contestants – tweeting people at random to see if they’re interested…So smile, and do it a lot, ideally whilst sitting on your hands.A nose-scratch or earlobe-stretch can make your smile look forced and turn your signal from “I’m interested” to “I’m bored.” This is equally true for your profile on dating sites; flash your smile, it’s proven to be more attractive! Relax your lips Pursed lips express disapproval, and licking your lips makes you look camp.

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