Everquest patcher stuck on updating

You do not need to make these changes unless you experience problems running the game.-Preferences: This allows you to enable Background Downloading.

This will download files for future large publishes (such as a new expansion) in the background a little bit at a time while your machine is idle so you never have to wait for a huge patch on release day again.-Purchase Expansions: If you do not own all of the expansions, this option will take you to the Station Store page so that you can purchase them for download.-Full Scan: This option runs a full scan of your files to make sure that they are all updated.-Update Log: This displays a log of the files that are downloaded with the current update.-Upgrade Textures: This will upgrade the textures for some of the old world zones.

(Texture Cache) - If your first toon on char select is a Drakkin, the animation is broken except for the primary and secondary weapons/shield move.

If you select any other character at char select, the game crashes. (Vertex Shaders) [Defaults] Vertex Shaders=TRUE Texture Cache=FALSE Broken Animation by Joni Larsen-Haikarainen Problem with the character models not animating correctly.

You will only see this button if you currently do not have the upgraded version of the textures.

lil over an hour long patch....incase anyone is wondering...(im on DSL so not sure if DIALUP would be longer(i would imagine it would)....eh!

Currently, Everquest has 20 expansions (in order of release): Ruins of Kunark, Scars of Velious, Shadows of Luclin, Planes of Power, Legacy of Ykesha, Lost Dungeons of Norrath, Gates of Discord, Omens of War, Dragons of Norrath, Depths of Darkhollow, Prophecy of Ro, The Serpent's Spine, The Buried Sea, Secrets of Faydwer, Seeds of Destruction, Underfoot, House of Thule, Veil of Alaris, Rain of Fear and Call of the Forsaken.A scan of your game files will automatically be done and it will download any new files.Once the download is completed, the world Play will appear and the words Update Complete will appear below it.You might need to chown -R username path_to_EQ_directory and chmod 0755 -R path_to_EQ_directory.Patcher The new patcher system is sensitive to file locations.

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