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Ctrl-alt-del and turn off everything you know that you know you dont need in there. wanna run a program without restarting your pc while explorer is off? it will open anything but ya gotta know where the program is. alt-tab out of cs from the main menu when your NOT in a server. from the steam window right click on counter strike Set Launch Options. these will force your cs to do what you set them to do from the time you fire it up. when you restart cs from steam window its gonna be at 0 again. if your fps jumps wildly its likely a vid card thing. most use open GL, d3d is there but software is horrible. this is one of the graphics representing the data your cs is working. keep your updaterate and your cmdrate within 10-15 of eachother for cs's best results. these are sent from you through many hops that act like substations to the server and back. 90 percent of the time ill tell you to set your rates near the default low ones. its default rates are shown in the picture to save time/space here. within those packets are ALL the data about what your doing. you will always have packet loss because the data stream weakens as it travels over the country especially long distances through those hops.

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it shocks and amazes me how many players are wrong about this stuff. As we try to jack our settings and such up we create more problems than we solve which leads to YOU not getting the most out of your game by trying to go beyond the parameters it was made for. the systems it was designed to play on are dinosaurs now but the machines playing them are ferrari's and saleens compared to when it started. they want that kill and most think having "the best" rates gives you that. follow me here and you might see that the faster you try to go, the slower you really get there and that kill. your probly gonna wanna try many variables so youll thank yourself for having the original around. sadly many of them are a bit misleading but written by good, well intentioned guys.

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