Minor dating laws in connecticut

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Copyright Compliance Department 8750 North Central Expressway, Suite 1400 Dallas, Texas 75231 (214) 576-3272 People Media, Inc. Heather decided she didn’t need a new pair of shoes for her wedding.The silver heels she wore to a friend’s prom at the beginning of summer would do.Her dad, stepmom and grandmother filled the other seats alongside Aaron’s parents. She often craved soggy nachos and hard-boiled eggs. In Idaho, where they met, it’s a felony — statutory rape — for an adult to have sex with anyone younger than 16. Heather lived in a small town surrounded by wheat and potato fields in the valley below Yellowstone National Park. She loved him and needed him to be around for their baby.It was the morning of her 15th birthday, but she wasn’t in the mood to celebrate. In some ways, she was looking forward to becoming a mom. A few days before her birthday, her mother — who was divorced from her father — called the local police from her home in Utah and filed a report. After the police started looking into the case, they sat down with their families and decided to get married.

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