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and its getting even more invasive, we not only want to pay more , we expect to pay more for less services and there are several****oaches out there prepared to service this need and parasite off of these niches i find it amusing and hypocritical sometimes when i read posts from women, calling men skinflints n cheepskates, when they go out to dinner or a movie n omg they are expected to pay for " themselves" wow imagine this concept, if you go on a date you should expect to pay your own way . what does that say about the person flinging names at the party that didnt expect to be footing the bill for 2 when it was just a first or second meeting?

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They keep matching me up with teachers, artists and cosmologists! Maybe more men are scattered around the internet than the women are (? Not really, you find the same people or same KIND of people looking for either the same thing or different theings depending on the site they are on.although both the same with the physical issues of misrepresentive pictures...older, way bigger, not so attractive when meeting in real life vs the pics posted.I find they do not have the same TYPE of people, although often they are basically the same level of attarctiveness. Perhaps you mean cheap men are drawn to free sites?Guess its about how dimensional you are :) Some only need a warm body, or someone to split meal tickets... it is what makes the world go around, there is someone for of cheapskate men drawn to free sites... never did I have anyone from a pay site talk about fwb and splitting meal and drink bills for a date. :)oh wait did have some FWB offers from a pay site.........they were from young really REALLLLLY attractive men :)not blue haired, tatted up skinny guys with pencil arms and undernourished and unemployed:) girly guy...........although FWB not what I was looking for............ I do believe I've heard news story about a woman getting 5k in free meals on My reaction was simple 'aw that pore, hungry woman' Almost makes me want to take her home and cook for her. Nothing quite so ironic as women who refer to men as cheapskates while they're busy freeloading off a man's wallet...

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