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It is crucial for parents to pay attention to their child’s texting habits while doing homework, or if they can, while they are in school.

Texting is becoming increasingly distracting for adolescents and teens everywhere.

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"About 77% of teens own a cellphone, with one in four owning a smartphone. 75% said they actively text; 63% said they text every day." Only a fraction of teenagers, 39% to be exact, actually use their phones to make phone calls daily.Recent studies suggest that sexting is especially common among middle schoolers who may have behavioral or emotional issues.These middle schoolers may feel alone, left out, or not wanted by family or friends at school, so they resort to chat rooms where they then can find people (sexual predators) that give them attention and "love them for who they are." This is an extremely dangerous behavior because sexual predators can groom your child into thinking that they can trust them, making your child think it is okay to send these explicit texts to strangers because they fill a possible emotional void.Be aware if your child is spending an excessive amount of time on their phone, locks their doors, or if you notice that there is an unusually high number of texts sent and received on the monthly phone bill.It is also important that parents look for changes in their child’s behaviors and mood.

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