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Zhuyin fuhao and Zhuyin are traditional terms, whereas Bopomofo is the colloquial term, also used by the ISO and Unicode.Consisting of 37 characters and four tone marks, it transcribes all possible sounds in Mandarin.It is also one of the few input methods that can be used for inputting Chinese characters on certain cell phones.NJStar Software Company has been developing Chinese, Japanese and Korean (CJK) software since 1991.In pinyin, a macron indicates the first tone and the lack of a marker indicates the fifth tone.Unlike Hanyu Pinyin, Zhuyin aligns well with the hanzi characters in books whose texts are printed vertically, making Zhuyin better suited for annotating the pronunciation of vertically oriented Chinese text.

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It is to be noted that the first consonants are articulated from the front of the mouth to the back, /b/, /p/, /m/, /f/, /d/, /t/, /n/, /l/ etc.As shown in the following table, tone marks for the second, third, and fourth tones are shared between bopomofo and pinyin.In bopomofo, the lack of a marker is used to indicate the first tone while a dot above indicates the fifth tone (also known as the neutral tone).A draft was released on July 11, 1913, by the Republic of China National Ministry of Education, but it was not officially proclaimed until November 23, 1928.Zhuyin remains the predominant phonetic system in teaching reading and writing in elementary school in Taiwan.

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